Internal Audit

PCA is able to dissect complex operations, analysing in-depth on the compliance and governance level to ensure best practices are in place, and minimising the risks and gaps. PCA is able to identify energy wastage and opportunities for improving energy best practices.

Utilising the PCA’s Internal Audit tool, you are able to realign your risk and return objective to make sure the business model is aligned.

Operational Audit

PCA’s Operational Audit analyse and monitor your end-to-end processes, unmasking any potential inefficiency within the whole operation value chain, ensuring that proper internal control, policies and procedures are in place.

With our data-driven solution, the optimal energy planning, operational control, and measuring and monitoring can be established seamlessly and effortlessly. In addition, you are able to track the return on investment and the impact measurement of the machinery and assets.

Financial Audit

Through minimal financial information input, PCA’s Financial Audit tool is able to conduct evaluation of your company’s financial health, potential risk and audit compliance level.

It not only states the strengths and highlight the area of concerns, it also provides actionable roadmaps for you to act upon to close the gaps that you may have. You can run through scenario planning and analysis on your cashflow, revenue and cost via our tool.

Energy Audit

PCA’s Energy Audit runs inspection and analysis on the energy flow, for energy conservation, process or system to prioritise the energy usage without negatively affecting the output(s), within a targeted building or property.

Using proprietary energy predictive analytics, PCA aims to be an alternative energy authority market platform that can uncover lapses of operation, unravel poor maintenance procedures, detect outdated equipment and provide preventative policies for the users through a dedicated optimisation roadmap.